New reality is part of life. But the question is, are you ready for the new realities?

Most people live their whole lives thinking about when crisis will be over, but great leaders simply position themselves to respond to new realities.

We must develop the capacity to recognize and reorganize for new realities in our lives.

Sometimes, just like what the world is facing now, new realities happen so fast in a way that alters almost every aspect of life.

But whatever happens in the world as new realities, whether positive or negative, we believe more in the greater, deeper, higher and supernatural realities that exists in Kingdom of God.

We are Kingdom people and must know the nature of this Kingdom. It is a Kingdom that cannot moved!

Really, this should get us excited, expectant and encouraged in the new realities that is calling for our response presently.

Whatever new realities means to you in this season, there is just one demand that is before us, and that’s our response.

The response that is willing to move away from the past, and willing to shape the outcome of the new reality to what will bring out God’s best in you.

Most times, the difference between crisis and opportunity is how we respond to the accompanied realities.

Leadership is about learning how to shape the future through the present reality.

Leaders don’t deny or run away from new realities. They simply respond to shape its outcome for good.

In the next few days, we will discuss how we can get directly involved in responding to any new realities in our lives and assignments.

As we increase in capacity to respond to new realities, we will be better positioned to help those we lead to move from being victims of circumstances to creating new circumstances.

Until we respond to any new realities, we cannot influence it. We can’t create the desired realities out of the undesirable.

The good news is that, no matter the price of responding to the new realities that any crisis brings, we have the all time Answer and that’s Jesus.

Through Him, we are confident of influencing the earthly new realities with the heavenly unchanging realities.

Prayer Burden
Father, we acknowledge that the Kingdom is the LORD’S. Teach us how to bring Your Authority into the present reality of the world situation.

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