“If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.” – Roy T. Bennett…

There’s a void in every life that can only be filled by a sense of fulfillment that comes through a dogged pursuit of God’s purpose for our lives. Hence, it must always ring in our ears that we are all special and we have a chosen task in this world to fulfill.

In the last post, we discovered that life is not our choice. We learnt that all of us were created by God uniquely for a purpose higher than self interests. Therefore, living a meaningful life is finding the meaning for which we have been put on the planet earth. How I wish this truth continue to sink deep into our hearts.

Beyond taking this truth into our hearts, we must ensure we are living it out with our lives. How we live is an undeniable pointer of who and what we are living for.

Action reveals directions. And you know that no one faces a direction and arrive at a different destination.

The choice of destination is made by the direction we choose to follow. So, in the choice of direction, there are signs you will begin to see to know if you are really traveling the right path. If we watch out for these signs, that’s when we can answer the question of, ‘Do I need to Move forward or make a U-Turn?’ True fulfillment in life comes when are asking the right questions and also getting the right answers.

So, my focus in this post is to draw your attention to the obvious signs that you may have to look out for to know if you are fulfilling your God-given purpose.  These signs are not exhaustive but they are just basic and common pointers to know you are not actually living for your lower self.


As simple as it sounds, it is not all God’s children that follows the leading of the Holy Spirit. But do you know the constant submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit is a sign that we are fulfilling our God-given purpose.

Even when we don’t understand certain happenings taking place in our lives, we can be rest assured that all things are working out His purpose for us.


We need to always remember that anyone who is not carrying out the fulfillment of God’s purpose on earth is never a threat to the devil. But the moment we dedicate our lives and get committed to seeing the purpose of God become reality through us, we will discover that the enemy will concentrate on our lives in attempt to stop or destroy us.

Therefore, we should not mourn various oppositions, persecutions, criticisms and all forms of attacks concentrated on us.

They are tactics of the enemy to weaken us from accomplishing great things for God that is already obvious to the devil. When Nehemiah wanted to build the wall of Jerusalem, there was no opposition until the enemies saw the work starting and moving (Nehemiah 4:1-23).

They did all manner of things to stop the fulfillment of that purposeful work. But Nehemiah was a brave and wise leader. He knew devil concentrates his forces on those who are fulfilling divine purpose, not on those who are sitting doing nothing. He told the people to continue the work with one hand and hold their weapon in another hand.

Do you know we need the same approach too? We must not allow the enemy to distract us from accomplishing the purpose of God through their threats, deceptions and distractions.

We must be strong in The Lord and keep our focused on Jesus while we make progress in the purpose that God has committed to our hands. If you perceive Satan is concentrating forces on you, resist him steadfastly and never allow the great work you are doing for The Lord to stop.


Peace is not absence of challenges and persecutions. It is the inner calmness in the midst of it. The peace that God gives comes when we are at the centre of His will, carrying out His divine purpose for our lives.

Do you have peace with what you are doing with your life presently? Beyond having peace, can you confidently say that your peace continues to increase as you continue in the work, relationship or ministry? If you answer yes to this question, then it is a sign to let you know that you are fulfilling God’s purpose.

I know quite some people who have lost their peace in their work, business and ministry, yet they continue to patch up. They will tell you they are waiting to hear from God whether they are doing what He has called them to do.

They are waiting and waiting even when they have no peace each morning they wake up to face the same assignment. Most times we deceive ourselves trying to use God to cover up our unwillingness to take bold steps to regain our lost peace

I learnt a great lesson lately from a close friend about the necessity to be sincere and to respond with bold decision when we can’t perceive the peace of God in what we do.

He started an MBA program in a university and he has put some money into it. Suddenly, he discovered the Holy Spirit does not want him to continue the program. Without lingering, he announced to some few of us as the accountability partners that he had dropped the ambition of having MBA. He responded to the leading of the Spirit that has come in form of lost peace.

The point is, pursuing an MBA programme is a very good thing if it will enhance the fulfillment of your life purpose. My friend was so excited when he started the program because I was privy to it when he was about to start. Within a short moment, all the excitements vanished and the whole thing turned to a burden.

But my friend was sincere enough to know that he needs to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit. He did that promptly and his peace was fully restored to carry on effectively in the assignment The Lord has committed to his hands.

How are you responding to the loss of peace you have been experiencing lately? I am not saying this is applicable in all matters. Sometimes God may be calling your attention to something else. Yet, you have to learn how to discern whatever The Lord is trying to say to you.

Don’t ignore both the signs of increasing peace and lack of peace always in your life, they are serious pointers to whether you are fulfilling your purpose or not.

Keep living, keep leading, keep making impact