Real and genuine Success with God begins when our love is proved for Him. You can never get it wrong loving God. It is in love that the best of God emerges in our lives. 

It is in our proven love for God that we are going to realize and discover our unlimited potentials in Christ.

The manifestation of unlimited proofs of God’s glory gets activated in our lives when we are fully committed to loving God with all our beings.

The weight of God’s glory we can carry and which we can reveal to our generation can never be greater than the weight of our love for God.

The motivation behind our daily living, leadership and work must be fueled and empowered by our love for God.

Nothing should drive our desire for relating with people, going to work, engaging in business, serving in ministry and aspiring for public office except the love of God.

We must be people constrained by the love of Christ, and this should reflect in our character and our way of responding to issues of life.

The word constrained used in Second Corinthians 5:14 implies something powerful. It is a Greek word “sunecho” translated, “to hold together, to compress, to arrest a prisoner, and to compel.”

The Force of Love controls and compels

It is overpowering and constraining. This we must seek that the love of God should do in our lives.

Whether as an executive or a minister, love of God in our hearts ought to be what controls our behaviors and attitudes towards people and as principle that guides our work.

When you have options, the love of God should put you in a strait situation of the option you have to make.

In other words, you cannot afford to make a choice based on what appeals to you but according to the love of Christ that compels you.

This was the kind of situation Abraham found himself when the Lord demanded for Isaac to be sacrificed.

He sacrificed Isaac for God in his heart because he was held together, compressed, arrested as a prisoner and compelled by his love for God.

In choosing between Isaac and God, there’s no staggering about who will be the choice. Love has already defined who.

Ask God for grace to demonstrate love that endure all things for Him in all areas of life.

“Nothing assures like what endures.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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