God is a Worker and His works are powerful.

His works always bring transformation.

According to John 9, the work of God was performed in the life of the man who was born blind.

This brought transformation into his life and made his identity a debate of amazement and wonder among those who have known him before.

Also, when God works on our life, it brings about transformational blessing.

For us to experience transformation in our lives, God must work in our lives.

God’s works are His supernatural acts.

God’s works are God’s doings, acts and deeds.

The Acts of the Apostles was written because God acted through ordinary men.

He performed miracles, signs and wonders through men.

God’s works are works of blessing that brings transformation.

When God’s works are done in our lives what follows is transformation.

It is God’s works that make things work. Until He works, nothing can work.

But when He is working, everything will be working for our good.

The Nature of God’s Works

1. God’s Works are Incomprehensible (John 9:10)

The works of God are so great that they are beyond human understanding.

When God works, people cannot do without asking how it happens (John 9:10).

And as they are asking, it will be leading them to God through our lives.

2. God’s Works are Marvellous (Psalm 118:22 – 23. Judges 11:1 – 8).

Jephtha was a man that was rejected but the transformational works of God in his life made him to become the chief cornerstone of his father’s house.

The story of his life becomes marvellous and this happened as a result of the work of God in his life.

3. God’s Works are Powerful (Luke 24:19).

4. God’s Works are Greater Works (John 5:20).

5. God’s Works cannot be hidden

6. God’s Works cannot be hindered.

How to Access the Works of God for Your Transformation

(i) Have faith that God still works

To experience the works of God in our lives, we must believe that God is still working in our days as He worked in the days before.

As you believe that God is still working, He will work in your life.


I confess that God has not stopped working because He is alive, His works are alive. He is still working in our days and He will perform His powerful works in my life

The only thing that can hinder God’s work is the unbelief of man ( Matthew 13:58).

(ii) Embrace His Word

When the man that was born blind believed the words of Jesus, he went and washed in Siloam and he returned seeing.

He went by the directive of the Word of God and he returned with his transformation.

God performs His works by His Word, therefore if you want to experience the Works of God, you must embrace His Word and not despise it.

If you want to locate God’s works, respond to His Word.

If you want to experience the works of God in your life, embrace His Word.

Prayer Focus 🙏🙏🙏

O Lord God! in the name of Jesus. Perform Your greater works, marvellous works, powerful works, unhindered works, unhidden works in my life.


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