Prophetic warfare is the warfare that is engaged to activate and fulfil the promises of God in our lives.

As God’s children, we need to come to a point that we ask this question: What are the things that God purposed to do in my life that has not been done? 

God has certain things in mind to do for us. The moment we can lay hold on any promise that God has made, we can be sure that He will surely bring it to pass. (See Numbers 23:19).

 He is faithful to do everything He has promised because there is no unfaithfulness in Him. One of the attributes of God is the integrity of His Words.

God is not a Liar

The moment God promised to do something, He is committed to it.

 Isaiah 55:9 – 11 also shows that God’s word cannot return to Him void but it will perform the purpose for which it was sent.

Since we have the assurance of the integrity of His Word and faithfulness, we have the responsibility to pray for the rain of prophetic fulfilment and release of God’s promises to us. 

Never Joke with Prophecies

As believers, we must not joke with prophecies. We must know clearly what God has purposed to do with us so that we will not miss out on His plan and purpose. God’s plan and purpose awaits the response of His children through prayer.

We must remain conscious of the words of God that have gone ahead of our life so that we can begin to pray them to reality. 

Jesus came to the earth to fulfil prophecies and every of His activities revealed this. He was mindful of His purpose according to the prophecies which had gone ahead of Him and He fulfilled them. 

Use the Power Available to You

One of the powers made available to believers is the prophetic power of prayer that can birth the fulfilment of God’s promise. Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit will show us things to come and guide us into all truth.

We always have access to things to come by the revelation of the Spirit and He is able to guide us into every truth about this. 

When we are to operate by the prophetic power, we must rely absolutely on the strength of God. You must not receive the word of the Lord in the flesh. It must be received in the spirit.

When God commands a thing, it must be done by all means, no matter our weaknesses or limitations. It is the strength of the Lord that brings to pass the fulfilment of His promise.

When Sarah received the word of the Lord that She would conceive and give birth to Isaac, she received the strength of the Lord to conceive and bring forth even at her old age (Hebrews 11:11).

Apostle Paul charged Timothy to wage warfare. This in order to activate the promises of God which had gone ahead of him (1Timothy 1:18). The truth here is, after God has spoken, it is our responsibility to demand for its fulfilment. 

Everything that God has spoken concerning you shall come to pass in the name of Jesus. I decree that every word of prophecy that has gone ahead of your destiny will surely come to pass.

Prophetic warfare is what activates the fulfilment of God’s Promises in your Life

In Genesis 21:1 – 7, it could be seen clearly that fulfilment of prophecies brings laughter and I pray that you will laugh before this year is over. But before laughter comes the prophetic warfare of faith. The good fight of faith must be engaged before the laughter of fulfilment can be experienced.   

The fight of faith is to accept and insist that nothing is too hard for God to do and He will do everything that He has spoken to you.

It is to refuse the feelings and voices of doubt concerning your personal limitations. Those who laugh in victory have fought the battle against doubt of God’s word at one time or the other.

 God will make us to access notable miracles that will make us to rejoice and celebrate if we are not going to allow the things we see to dictate the verdict we accept. 

Now is the appointed time for the fulfilment of what God has said about you. Therefore, you have to engage the prophetic warfare for the word of prophecy that has gone ahead of your life.


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