In the early hours of that very International Workers’ Day, twenty one years ago, my dear mother went to be with the Lord.

It was a cold morning for me. It was shocking and sudden that I couldn’t tell whether I was having a nightmare or it was real.

But when they needed to wheel her to the mortuary, it dawned on me that it was far from any nightmare. I had to face the bitter reality that my mother is no longer with me and my siblings.

But for these twenty-one years that my mother died, I have been privileged to write few things about her silent but impactful, forceful and meaningful life.

She was a woman who believed in having a conviction and standing by it no matter what it will cost her.

She loved the Lord so much that she was never going to spare whatsoever that attempts to affect her devotion to God.

Her entire life was dedicated to serving and caring for the people of special needs that society detests and usually abandon. She loved the unlovable and pleaded their causes all through her lifetime.

In remembering her today, I’ll like to share two major life and leadership lessons about the power of our work. I will deal with one of the lessons today as the whole world observes International Workers Day.

Your Work is Important

People die, but their works don’t.

That’s why people of impact don’t take their works for granted. They believe their work is as important as their lives.

It’s important we all know this and deliberately commit ourselves to good works that brings glory to our Father in heaven.

Your work shows the intensity of your impact, whether on your family members, community, organization or wherever you are.

We must never take our work for granted.

The works we engage in can transform lives and the world at large. It was said of Jesus that His works were mighty (Matthew 13:54). 

Our works speaks volume about our lives. We are going to be rewarded by Jesus when He returns according to our individual works.

The works we do must set a good example for others to follow.

It shouldn’t be like some leaders whose works Jesus instructed others not to emulate. Those leaders only do their works to be seen by people. Their works lacks authenticity, full of hypocrisy and void of right motives.

It does not matter how wonderful your work is, if it lacks purity of purpose, it will not attain God’s approval.

One of the two important lessons the life of my mother taught me, is to commit my life to good works that impact lives, and bring Glory to the Father.

This is the importance of work.

Happy International Workers Day

Ask God for Grace to glorify Him with your life and work

“People with godly work don’t die.”

Matthew 5:13-16

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