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The Purpose Driven Leader – October 4 – Journey of Leadership Daily Devotion

Leading with Charcater, Competence and Courage

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Clarity of Purpose is Required in Leadership.

It’s been said that, “People lose their way when they lose their why.”

For leaders, this sound more profound and heavy. Leaders also lose their way when they lose their why.

Leadership is lost when its purpose is lost. Hence, the need for leaders to be purpose driven is inevitable.

The inevitability of purpose driven leadership in our time is due to the glaring failure of leadership both in the Church and in all aspects of the society.

The world is groaning for new breed of Purpose Driven Leaders who will restore the lost hope of transformation and revival.

In reflecting about our nation Nigeria, I have been able to discover that the best of this nation can never be greater than what drives  the leaders at every level.

Our hope in this nation is possible when there is a restoration of the Spirit of Right Purpose in the hearts of those who have been entrusted with the affairs of leadership.

Leaders with a meaningless purpose can never make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Purpose Driven Leaders have Clarity of Purpose.

Purpose is the why behind everything we do.  The why can be right or wrong. So we may not just accept that the only thing it takes to be an effective leader is to have a purpose.

When purpose is wrong, it is as bad as not having any. In fact, I don’t believe there is no one without a specific driven purpose.

The most important thing is to clarify the kind of purpose that drives an individual.

When Jesus came into the world, He had clear purpose. But before declaring His purpose, He first made it clear that Satan also has purpose.

He said, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10NLT).

I will be discussing the importance of purpose statement in tomorrow’s devotion.

But what I pray to make clear to you here is coming in form of  questions.

Having seen that there is no leadership without a driven purpose, then what is your driven purpose as a leader?

Considering John 10:10, where does your driven purpose as a leader falls between the two clear purposes?

Whose purpose drives your leadership assignment?

Father, Renew the Spirit of Your Purpose in Us.

“The most important thing is to clarify the kind of purpose that drives an individual.”

John 10:10NLT