To unleash the leader in you means transforming your potentials into functioning performance or deliveries. It means growing your capability as a leader and expanding your capacity to perform leadership roles at any level you function within an organization.
The leaders who succeed are those who take the responsibility to develop their leadership capabilities. How far you will go as a leader depends on how far you will focus on developing your leadership potentials.
Whether you believe everybody is born with the ability to lead or not does not matter. Releasing the leader in you is what matters. There are many things that help or hinder a person’s leadership effectiveness which must be worked upon.
You need to let loose the leader in you if you will become the leader you were meant to be. It is not enough to just discover your ability to lead; you must also release that ability, and sharpen it for effectiveness.
The journey of leadership is a lifetime one which makes leadership development a continuous effort and not an event. So if you are going to unleash the leader in you, start with the following steps I’ll share below.

Face your own Reality
It is often convenient to live in the ideal. But true leaders face their own reality. A leader who faces his reality responds to situation. He will not allow himself ruled by what happens in his life. He leads on Purpose. He never makes himself a victim of circumstance. While some negative leaders blame their circumstances, excuse their failures and shortcomings, great leaders take charge.
They avoid idealized world. They choose to face the reality and do something to help themselves and the people. Leadership requires the ability to face your own reality. It demands you don’t live in the fantasies of other people’s world. It demands a lifelong commitment to purpose that drives you.

Discover Your Purpose
Purpose will not let either the present or the past dictate the future. When you discover your purpose, you choose right response to problems. You face the reality so that you can fulfill your leadership assignment. You control your leadership for your purposes until you land your people in safe harbour. You will accept full responsibility for whatever it will cost to be a good and winning leader.
As a leader on Purpose that faces reality, you’ll go extra-mile to make the best use of your time. Doing what adds value to your life and your people. You don’t make decisions rashly without first pondering on the effects your decisions have on others. You live by true a priority which determines the standard of your life. It is very important to understand before setting on the journey of leadership that except you know your purpose, it is impossible to lead.

Confront Your Fears
That’s why great leaders are strong and courageous people. They stop to look fear in the face and confront it. They go all out to do the thing they cannot do. They don’t allow fear to stop them from achieving great things for the Lord.
The audacity to confront your fears is the first step in developing the leader in you. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you cannot do.”
Fear of their inabilities affects all leaders at some time in their lives. Those who are able to confront their fears become the leaders they are meant to be while others don’t.
Fail Forward
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes if you want to unleash the leader in you. They are part of the process to make you become a better a leader. You must only try to ensure that you learn from them and develop capacity to turn your mistakes to great advantages. That’s what makes you a leader you need to be.
Great leaders are not afraid to fail because they know they will always fail forward. They believe every time they don’t get it right, it becomes an experience of knowing the difference between what works and what does not.
You must learn to fail forward if you must develop the leader in you. The Leadership expert, John Maxwell describes failing forward as the ability to get back up after you have been knocked down, to learn from your mistake, and move forward in a better direction.
Focus on Your Growth
It is important for you to take your growth more seriously. Your continuous growth is what gives you license to keep leading. That’s why leadership is highly demanding. You must never stop growing. The day you stop growing is the day you have stopped leading.
Continuous growth is what qualifies every leader to keep leading and makes people to keep following. You cease to be a leader worth following the day you stop growing. John Maxwell once said, “The more seriously you take your growth, the more seriously your people will take you.”
Stand for Something
Do you want to be known for your love for the Lord? Do you want to carry identity of integrity, hard work, vision, and loyalty, goal-getting, purpose-driven and sacrificial leadership?
Great leaders are people who stand for something. They are known for a particular crusade, principle and cause that distinguish them among other leaders. They don’t live ambiguously.
It is time to take your stand for what you want to be known for. So what will you stand for as a leader? What do you expect people to say whenever your name is mentioned? What do you want to be known for? To develop the leader in you, make sure you stand for something. When you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Continuous growth is what qualifies every leader to keep leading and makes people to keep following. You cease to be a leader worth following the day you stop growing.


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