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Jentezen Franklin once said, “You’re only courageous when you do what is right despite your fears.” I’m in perfect agreement with Jentezen’s thought. Really, doing what is right despite their fears is what makes courageous leaders stand out among others.

Who is a courageous Leader?

Identifying a courageous leader is more about who than what. Courage is a spirit just like fear is a spirit. Courage is boldness, audacity, daring, determination and bravery. Courage never denies the presence of fear, but defiles it. Courage is being resolute even in the face of fear.

So, a courageous leader is the leader who does what is right despite his fears – intimidation, threat, molestation, opposition and confrontation. Courageous leaders are never apprehended by fear. They act right despite the fear.

No magnitude of general opinion if it is contrary to the ideals of a courageous leader can make him to compromise. Courageous leaders are not afraid to die for their cause. They know it is better to die in courageous act than to live in cowardliness.

Courage is a Heart-Thing

Courage is more than having a strong face, it is having a strong heart. It’s being a lion-hearted leader. Few days ago, the presidential election outcome was declared in Nigeria by the INEC Chairman Prof. Atthairu Jega as the whole world witnessed how courageous leadership was demonstrated throughout the entire electoral process. Jega does not have a strong face, but possessed a strong heart – courageous heart.

It takes not being a coward to make a great move forward

You can’t make any significant mark as a leader if you lack courage to do the right thing. When God calls a leader, it’s always to a heavy, big and daunting task. But you can be sure God will never call you to such a task without giving you the weapon you’ll need to achieve it.

If you want to make a great move forward as a leader – to accomplish something bigger than you, then you need the weapon of courage. You Must Have it to Break Leadership Grounds. And that’s God’s command.

You are Commanded to be Courageous

God knows how far you can go and how well you can perform as a leader hangs on the display of your courage. That’s why courage is a leadership command that must be obeyed.

The best way out is always through. 
– Robert Frost

Remember God repeatedly spoke to Joshua three different times about being courageous. First time, “Be strong and of good courage.” He repeated it the second time, “Only be thou strong and very courageous.” And the third time, He made Joshua to know that being courageous is not an advise, it’s a command. He said, “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage…” (Joshua 1:6-7&9)

It’s Time to Stand Out among Ordinary Leaders

Be a different leader. Be exceptional. Stand out. Show courage. Refuse to be a coward. It’s time for you to stand out among ordinary leaders by being courageous. It is possible if truly you have confidence that God called and chose you for your assignment.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. 
– Dorothy Thompson

Then, no matter what is going to cost you, be courageous to do what is right always. You may first be criticized, mocked and opposed. Dare to stand on your conviction. Even if it means you need to die for it, never compromise your stand.

After all, the whole world is celebrating Jesus Christ today who demonstrated courageous leadership over two thousand years ago by dying for the truth He believed would bring many sons and daughters to God.

Jesus made a difference as a courageous Leader. He died, resurrected and was highly positioned at the right hand of God. What about you? Will you be a courageous leader? Remember what makes courageous leaders different…

It starts by knowing…

Courageous leader?

Courage is a Heart-Thing

It takes not being a coward to make a great move forward

You are commanded to be Courageous

It’s time to stand out among ordinary leaders

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. 

– C S Lewis


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