Yesterday, I post an article on how to achieve your dreams this year. The beauty of every year is that you are able to make progress, achieve your dreams, and live to glorify God with your life. I strongly believe nothing is permitted to hold you back this year. I know this is going to be your best year ever. Let me share with you why am so convinced that 2015 is your best year ever.


1. The Champion in You will be Unleashed. Like never before, you will discover your true potential this year. You are more than what you have believed and accepted about yourself. There’s a spirit of a champion within you that you must call out. Don’t accept defeat like any other time. Let the champion in you emerge and this year will be the best ever.

2. Be willing to Dare. Daring is the hallmark of winners. Be bold, courageous, and fearless to take on a great challenge this year. Don’t allow things that have been overcoming you to defeat you anymore. Be bold enough to venture. Set goals that will take only God to help you accomplish. Dream big. Think big. Dare.

3. See Opportunities everywhere. Develop an eagle eye to discover opportunities around you – whether from a short or long distance. Where others see problems, open your eyes to see opportunities. Turn your adversities to advancement. Don’t bow to what you don’t want to settle with. Opportunities are everywhere but only for those who have a third eye.

4. Learn to say ‘NO’. Many things will continue to crave for your time and attention. But not many things you have to do will guarantee your best year ever. Learn to say ‘NO’ to many things by saying ‘YES’ to only purposeful and meaningful things in your life.

5. Face the New Year Early Enough. Don’t be found among people with the attitude that the year is still very fresh. Face the challenge before you now. Start the project now. organize the meeting now. Make the calls now. Start doing something from now.

It is your best year ever.

Please you can share other ways you are sure this is our best year.


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