Deeds Determines Destiny. What we do or don’t can make a very big difference in our lives.

Often than not, we determine the outcome of our lives by our actions. Nothing happens by itself. Every effect is an outcome of a cause. Actions of today determine the outcomes of tomorrow.

“The Israelites DID evil in the eyes of the Lord, and for seven years He GAVE them into the hands of the Midianites.” – Judges 6:2

Actions are seeds. Actions are investments. Actions have the capacity to produce certain outcomes of their similitude. In other words, when we ACT RIGHT we are sure of RIGHT OUTCOME.

If it is true that an ACTION produce OUTCOME of its KIND, then, we should be able to ask ourselves…WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS?

Why is our nation like this? Why is my life like this? And whatever you need to ask why of…marriage, business, organization, relationship and church. Why?

Why are you going through what you are going through?

Why are you experiencing the victory, success, and progress in your life?

Could it be because of your faith, love and obedience in your walk with Christ? Then be CONSISTENT with such DOINGS

And why are you experiencing defeats and disappointments – That it seems that God is no longer on your side anymore?

Think about it. Is it as a result of wrong choices, disobedience or not allowing Christ to bear rule in your life?

Remember, the WHY of Israel that makes God to hand them over for seven years to be oppressed by their enemies came because of what they DID (Judges 6:1).

So what have you done that has brought this outcome? And what are you doing presently that may bring certain outcomes in the future?

Whatever it is. When you choose to ACT RIGHT today, things will TURN AROUND for you.

God will CHANGE YOUR STORY for the better when you ACTION is in line with His will (see 2Chro 7:13-14).


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